Cindy Collins
Snowshoeing | Port Elgin, Ontario

The most veteran member of the snowshoeing team, Cindy has been with Special Olympics for 26 years. Outside of snowshoeing, she also competes in bocce, golf, basketball and five-pin bowling. Her hero since childhood is Anne of Green Gables. She currently works as a toy washer at a daycare. Her goal: to train hard, make new friends and experience a new culture.

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  1. good luck cindy give it best you can have fun at the same time :)

    - kevin
    • all the best Cindy. Hope you are having fun and enjoying Korea. I’ll see you when you get back. Rooting for you here in Kincardine. Your friend, Janice

      - Janice Geddes
  2. Go Cindy Go. So proud of you ! Enjoy your time representing our country !

    - Sherry Dadswell
  3. Cindy I am so proud of you. You are a champion already in my eyes. Do your best, I am cheering you on from Canada.

    Rosa Pyette

    - Rosa Pyette
  4. Have a good trip and have fun at the games. Don’t forget to take lots of photos.

    - Ryan D
  5. Good luck Cindy I know you will do great and you’ve made all our family so proud of you . Love you and have a great time and a great birthday over there.

    - Wendy Hall (Aunt)
  6. you have trained very hard cindy we wish you good luck , are so very proud of you !!!!

    - liz neable
  7. you have trained very hard cindy we all wish you good luck, have fun, & are very proud of you !!!!!!

    - liz neable
  8. you have trained very hard cindy we all wish you good luck , have fun, & are very proud of you !!!!!!

    - liz neable
  9. So proud of you Cindy!!! Xo
    Go Cindy Go!!!

    - Wanda Hall
  10. Congrats Cindy. This is such a huge accomplishment. Good luck and have fun. Take lots of pictures and make lots of memories. Everyone is very proud

    - Candy Haggitt
  11. I hope you are having fun in South Korea. All the best in your competitions. You should be very proud of your accomplishments. I will see you when you get back. Greetings from Kincardine. Your friend, Janice

    - Janice Geddes
  12. hope you are having fun cindy & very happy 40th birthday cindy !!!!!!!

    - liz neable
  13. Happy Birthday Cindy! Have a great day so proud of you !

    - Kim Trainor
  14. Congratulations Cindy, WOW you won a gold medal in snowshoeing! We are so proud of you. Happy Birthday too, fantastic you got a gold medal on your birthday.

    Safe travels home, your community is so proud of you.

    Rosa Pyette

    - Rosa Pyette
  15. Congrats on your medal. I am certain that will be your best. Present ever. All your hard work paid off

    - Catherine
  16. Way to go Cindy!! A GOLD in the 100m. Super proud to see your results.
    Happy Birthday

    - Janice Geddes
  17. I am so Proud of you Cindy! Happy Birthday. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip when you get home. I’m sure this has been an Amazing adventure for you.

    - Nicole Hatten
  18. Go Cindy you bring us some medals home you go girl. From your friends Tim and Terri

    - Terri Johnston
  19. Congratulations Cindy. Three cheers for you.

    - B. Brill
  20. Cindy you have done so awesome ! Be proud of your accomplishments ! I know all of your family are very proud of you and so happy for you, that you get to have such an awesome opportunity ! Enjoy and have fun ! Safe travels back home !

    All of the Canadian athletes should be proud as you all have represented your country so well ! Go Canada !

    - Sherry Dadswell
  21. Way to go Cindy! you are awesome!!!

    - Tammy Smith
  22. Way to go Cindy on all your medals I am so proud of you and can’t wait to see them. I was trying to get the results from the Dominican and thanks to Candy I did. You have made all of us so proud. Love Aunt Wendy

    - Wendy Hall (Aunt)
  23. Congratualtion Cindy on your great achievments of Winning Gold and Silver for Canada.

    - Aunt Marg Clemett

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